Vendor Roster Management

Carrier contracts require increasing efficiency from you and your partners. Building a large database of subcontractors to perform field service can open new growth opportunities, improve customer service to the carrier and decrease labor costs.

TurfManager Pro was built to efficiently manage a network of third party service vendors. So with each new ticket TurfManager Pro recommends the best crew from all vendors in your system based on work order requirements, past performance grades and cost. Our flat fee subscription structure does not increase as more subcontractors login. The easy-to-use web forms permit each subcontractor to maintain their own assigned work orders and static account information.

Vendor management is at the core of turf management and TurfManager Pro does all this and more…

  • Security – Control over what data each vendor can view or change
  • Usability – Intuitive web-based design…no software to install
  • Selectivity – Recommended vendor assignment by location, skills, quality & cost
  • Communications – Send/receive tickets, post updates and report from the field
  • Accuracy – Better data means improved invoicing accuracy, visibility and speed of payments
  • Scalability - Manage your entire team, including all vendors and subcontractors

Our Process

  • First step


    We take time to understand your goals, priorities and processes.

  • Second step


    Create a unique version of Innervent software to fit your needs (2 weeks).

  • Third step


    Review in detail the software, how it fits your process and make any adjustments.

  • Fourth step


    You will be up and running within 60 days with your custom TurfManager Pro SaaS solution.


  • Allen T.Solutions Market Ops Mgr / Environmental Solutions Company

    We have used EPC Worksite for audits, installation and warranty & maintenance tracking for the last 4 years. The system has been an invaluable tool for us, the customer and our subcontractors working in the field.

  • Chris R. Project Manager / Telecom Regional Turf Vendor

    Innervent's TurfManager Pro tracks people and workflow in real-time. We know where everyone is, and what they are doing. Innervent is always very responsive to new feature requests. Often, we have received same-day service on changes made to our system.

  • Monte M.Delivery Standards Mgr, Municipal Utility Solutions / Fortune 100 Firm

    Innervent has been a valuable partner in helping us redefine Project Management, Data Integration and Quality Control.

  • Mark C.ESCP Operations Manager / International Company

    Over the last 5 years, we have come to rely on Innervent's Worksite for every project we do. To track work progress, manage sub-contractors, and keep our customers informed and happy, there is no better way. And there is no faster way to close out a project - because all the completion information is right there, updating in real time.